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August 11, 2015 by admin_dev_wice



Plug’n play measuring and alert system for transportation of perishable goods. We monitor the temperature of your shipment from warehouse to the store. A Smart Sensor is activated once the merchandize leaves your warehouse and records the temperature during transport. Once it reaches its destination a Wice Gateway picks up the signal and instantly alerts you to the temperature recorded during transport. If something is irregular, you will be alerted on your smartphone. Wice can also connect directly to your ERP solution, feeding data such as transport time, delivery times etc. The Wice automated solution saves time and redcues cost.


The Wice Smart Sensor solution:

  • Provides better control and understanding of all value chain
  • Ensure that perishable goods are being transported at agreed upon temperatures
  • Safeguardes food & medicine in refrigerator and freezer (C°)
  • Measures and reports real temperature from transit
  • Continously monitors and reports as it reaches its destination
  • Monitors and reports continuously with easily configurable settings for nights, weekends and holidays
  • Alarms of any failing system to smartphone via the Wice app
  • Offers cost savings on all levels
  • May help reduce insurance costs

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Product areas

  • Food & drug retail (HACCP)

    Food & drug retail (HACCP)

  • Laboratories


  • Customized solutions & OEM

    Customized solutions & OEM

  • Transportation


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